Signatures in favour of a humanitarian (not military) release of the hostages

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Last June 16 Gustavo Moncayo left his home in Nariño to betake himself on a long journey. Initially nobody paid any attention to him and his daughter, something that changed after very few days when the interest for their enterprise begun to rise. Today the Moncayo family, namely Gustavo, is spotted by the public’s attention in a way we only know from pop stars. His story has become known abroad and reached the U.S., where three of the FARC hostages come from, and Europe.

Not only has Gustavo become the symbol for a humanitarian solution for the freedom of the FARC hostages, through his journey, which he started almost two months ago, he too has assumed enormous responsibility and has become the source of hope for many Colombians. We are convinced that we owe much to the “walker for freedom”: The events during the last weeks and a lot of what is going on now. The country is moving and stepping out with the peace walker…

… we also want to go a leg with Gustavo and support him by collecting signatures backing up his endeavour. We aim for an increased international awareness for his story and to raise pressure in favour of a peaceful, negotiated release of the hostages.

By commenting this article with a valid email address your opinion well be counted as a signature supporting Gustavo and as your backup for a humanitarian way to free the hostages. This is opposite to the military operation, which puts the hostages life in danger, as the FARC shoots them in a case of an attack. It would be appreciated if you wrote in Spanish – however this is not a requirement.

Gustavo Moncayo will receive this list from us in person and he will hand it over to the president, together with the more than two million signatures he has collected so far. It is not possible for him to hand the list over to the FARC, but they will get the total number from the media